BELLSOUTH Email Settings | Setup

BELLSOUTH Email Settings | Setup

How to get into the BellSouth Account: BELLSOUTH EMAIL SETTINGS

1. You can browse the AT&T, and through that, find the email option as the yahoo using any browser option available on your system to Setup BellSouth Email Settings.
2. There is an option on the top left as you click on mail; you will get the option to log in to the AT&T page using user name and password.
3. You can use your email address all the BellSouth in the Email Field and the type the Password Field and click on the Sign-In

Below are some prominent steps that one can follow to set-up the Bell south email settings on your outlook software:–

  • ⦁ Click on your outlook account. Now click on ‘File’ and then ‘Add Account.’
    ⦁ From the list of options, find and locate the ‘Manual configure server settings or additional server types’ and choose the option ‘Next.’ Select ‘Next’ as the Setup Wizard happens to open. As you see, the option ‘Would You Configure Your Email Account?’ selects ‘Yes.’
    ⦁ Use your name as you enter the BellSouth Email account.
    Now Select ‘IMAP or POP’ and select ‘Next.’
    ⦁ The POP3 details for the ‘Incoming mail server’ will be ‘’ You can use the outgoing email server as SMPT Server (‘’). Type the required details of the Username and the Password.
    ⦁ As you move through the ‘More Settings’ option, you can click on the checkboxes for “Outgoing server (SMTP) authentication’ and ‘Use the required settings as the incoming mail server.’
    ⦁ Now select the ‘Advanced’ tab and enter the Incoming server port number for POP3 as ‘995’. The Outgoing Server (SMTP) port will be ‘465’.
    ⦁ Choose the option ‘SSL’ and select the option ‘Use the following type of encrypted connection.’
    ⦁ Now select ‘OK’ and the ‘Next.’ If the test passes, select ‘Finish.’ Check all the settings again if the test fails.

BellSouth Email Configuration on Android:–


  1. a. Go to the Mail application on the device of Android.
  2. b. With the credentials of your BellSouth Email, which include details like username and password, you can choose for the manual set-up.
  3. c. Go to the Account and choose the setting option, then you need to select the IMAP settings from the list of options.
  4. d. As you see your Email Server Settings block, you can identify the sections for the password and username and fill the options with appropriate credentials. You need to scroll down to the option of Incoming Mail Server and then type ‘’ and choose the port as 993. It would be best if you chose the SSL as your security.
  5. e. Once you submit the required details, you can click on the Next button.
  6. f. Go to the Outgoing Mail Server, and in the setting option, choose the server name, and then enter the option of ‘’ and choose the port number as 465. You will need to select the SSL as your security
  7. g. Click on the Next as you go further.
  8. h. Once the above steps are complete, you can set your email frequency feature to 15 min or option at your convenience.
  9. i. Once you are up with all the steps, you can click on done to complete the set-up.

BellSouth Email Settings Configuration on iPhone:–

The iPhone has the option to set multiple accounts on the device with the mail option. You can configure many email accounts from the specific location when you have an active cellular data and WI-FI Connection. The Mail option available can be used to access the Email when you have completed the Email set-up with the required user name and password of the BellSouth mail.

Step 1
Go to the home button on your iPhone and type your password to unlock your phone.

Step 2
Choose the option of “Settings,” then click on the mail and in the contact section set the calendar.

Step 3
You can select the option “add account” and tap to add a new mail account in the list of options.

Step 4
Users can enter the BellSouth email account credentials in the boxes available for the Email and password. Once the credentials are available in the description field user can hit “Next.”

Step 5
In most cases, you can access the POP setting of Email using “” in the “Host Name” section in the Incoming Mail Server option as provided in the details.

Step 6
You can also enter the SMTP server setting in the “Host Name “section. For this, you can use the Outgoing Mail server header.

The user for the device care supposed to enter the details of the Bellsouth User Name and Password at the provided fields under each header. You can select the option SAVE to add the email account to your iPhone.

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