How to Delete Discord Account?

How to Delete Discord Account?

Discord- An overview

We have a lot of messenger applications to connect our family members or friends. But what if you are a gamer and you want to enjoy games while being on chat. This application allows us a lot of exciting things, and we can change the status of our competition by adding them. Mr. Jason Citron is the developer he first came up with the idea of a VoIP app, specifically for gamers then later he created Discord. This is a successful application, but with some limitations mention below, Because of limitations and other reasons folks are searching for strategies to delete Discord account.

  • Abuse issues in chats
  • Home to a white supremacist.
  • History of The neo-nazi issues, etc.

If because of the issues mentioned above or any reason you want to exchange your application with the new one or want to Delete Discord Account permanently or disable your Discord app. You can do it anytime. But before taking any final decision, we have to understand what the difference between deleting and disabling this app is.

Disable v/s Delete Discord

Disable means if you don’t want to use this facility, you can temporarily keep it disabled. And in the future, if you’re going to use it back, you can recover your disabled a/c and have access to it. But if you decided to not use it at all, you can remove the account permanently. But if you have any second thoughts go for disabling instead of deleting.

  • If you disable, you can recover and reactivate.
  • On disabling the multiple accounts, you’ll not get notifications on your profile. But you’ll be able to get friend requests, to get it only you have to reactivate it.
  • If you remove permanently, everything will have vanished, and the logo will also get removed from your device.

Circumstances/ Reasons to delete the Account

  • This application has a lot of confusing and endless menus for beginners like mic not working navigation which may confuse or irritate you could be a reason.
  • A lot of gaming resources go to the Nintendo Switch, but this app is designed for PC or android devices.
  • Abusive chats, Developers have no management on these issues.

How to disable your account on your PC?

  • Open the application on your device.
  • Login your id
  • Go to the user settings available in the cog icon.
  • Then click on My Account Tab
  • Then select “edit your account.”
  • Now there is an option “Disable account”. Click on that. Soon it will be disabled, and any time you can reactivate it.

How to disable your account on Android mobile?

Disabling in PC is an entirely more comfortable process. Still, in mobile, it is a bit complicated process because there is no direct option given to do so from a mobile device. Although there are some steps we can follow to do it:

  • Find out the Discord application on your phone.
  • Log in and open in servers by clicking on 3 horizontal white lines given on top left corner.
  • Click on user settings given on the Cog icon.
  • Now click on the account then click on 3 vertical dots given on the top right corner of the screen.
  • Now you will get the option to remove it permanently.

This option is available, but it is not going to remove it directly. Once you click, it will redirect you to the support page. You will get similar steps again; you have to follow the same. And at the end, a request will be raised to delete or disable your id with the support team.

Alternatively, you can remove it directly by visiting the Twitter account of Discord.

How to Delete Discord account permanently?


If you have decided to delete your id permanently even after knowing that in future you’ll not be able to access your account back then follow the steps to delete it:

  • Open the Discord application
  • Log in to your id.
  • Open the user settings option given in the cog icon.
  • Once opened, click on My Account option.
  • Inside my account tab, you’ll get an option to edit your account.
  • Inside that edit option, you will get the delete tab.
  • Once you click on the delete tab, it will ask you for your password.
  • Put your valid password there; you will get a 2FA code for authentication.
  • Put that code to complete the process.

And in this way, your id will be finished everything related to your account will vanish including your icon available in the device.

An alternative of deleting account for server owner- Ownership transfer

If you are an individual owner, you can remove permanently, but if you are an owner of more than one member, then you can transfer ownership only. In case you want to be the an owner of a server is a great responsibility, and you have to move instead of deleting because Discord will not allow you to delete serve. In this, you have to find out a person who can have this responsibility. Only after ownership transfer, you’ll be able to remove your id permanently.

Steps to Transfer Ownership

  • Open the Discord application.
  • Click on the name of the relevant server and then click on server settings.
  • Now open User Management from the menu available left-hand side.
  • Under user, management search member option and click on it.
  • Now it will reflect the list of all the available members in your server.
  • Now chose the member whom you want to make the owner of this server.
  • After deciding the name click on the 3 vertical dots given on the name pf that particular member
  • A new dialog box will open.
  • Now at last click on transfer ownership option to submit the final request.

After transferring ownership, you’ll not be an owner, but you can continue as a regular member. And all the restrictions terms and conditions which were earlier applied to other members will be applicable to you as well. Now you’ll be able to Delete Discord Account or disable your account which you were not able to do earlier.

What if you want to delete the server?

Let say you don’t have any reliable member to which you can transfer ownership or because of any reason if you’ve decided to remove permanently, then you have to delete the complete server.

Steps to delete the server

  • Go to the server settings.
  • From the left menu scroll down the past user management to delete the server permanently.
  • Choose to delete the option to submit the final decision.
  • Once you click, it’ll ask you to put a password for authentication.
  • You’ll receive a 2FA code.
  • Put that code and confirm the delete.
  • You are free from all your responsibilities.

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