Delete Xfinity Account – Remove or Close Comcast Email

Delete Xfinity Account – Remove or Close Comcast Email

Would you like to Delete an Xfinity ID permanently? You’ll be going to lose voicemails, emails, and other data associated with the Xfinity ID. Make sure to save all the important data you want to keep. In this article, we guide you on how to Delete Xfinity Account by some simple steps.

Xfinity is a subsidiary of the Comcast Corporation. Comcast Corporation provides different wireless services like cable television, internet services, and telephone services, etc. Xfinity headquarters situated in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and it serves the maximum of the United States. Before the year 2010, it is served the market under the Comcast name. Comcast renames it’s a brand name as Xfinity after it all the services provided by Comcast identifies with the name of Xfinity like digital cable service-name as Xfinity Tv, Comcast digital voice as Xfinity voice and internet service provided by Comcast known as Xfinity internet.

Step to Delete Xfinity Email Account

If you want to delete your Xfinity mail account, the reason may be any like you have another mail account. Your mail account may be deactivated or inactivated for a long time or if you are looking to create a new mail account. Some of the reasons for Xfinity mail account no more active are:-

  • When you want to delete your Xfinity mail
  • When there is no prolonged activity in your Xfinity mail account from last 90 days
  • If your email account is utilized in such a way that violate the Xfinity terms of services

There are different reasons due to that your Xfinity mail account may be deactivated or deleted.

If there is any other reason due to that you want to delete your Xfinity mail account, you can do it by following simple and easy steps as mentioned below.

Things to do before deleting your Xfinity mail account

Once you delete your Xfinity mail account, you will lose all the information associated with your mail account like emails, voicemail, etc. So before you cancel your mail account, make sure to keep backup of all your important information for the future. Here are the things you can do before delete your Xfinity mail account.

  1. Backup your essential email, calendar, contacts, documents, etc
  2. Remove your social networking account associated with an Xfinity email account and set a new one for your social networks.
  3. Unsubscribe your paid subscriptions, if any, associated with your Xfinitymail. Make sure to clear dues (if any pending).
  4. Inform your network who may usually contact you through Xfinity mail. Provide then alternative mail address before you delete your Xfinity account.

Step’s to Delete Xfinity Mail Account


If you are looking for how to delete the Xfinity mail account, then no need to worry anymore. You are at the right place here we are going to explain how easily you can cancel your mail account by following some simple and easy steps. If you go through these easy and simple steps, you can quickly recover your critical data/information and delete your account.

It is easy to remove your secondary email account easily. But the same case is not possible with your primary email account. It is a little bit difficult and a long process. Once you delete your primary mail account, you are no longer belong to its services.

So as you know, you cannot delete your primary account quickly, to do this, you need to call on Comcast account and need to call off all the services that associated with the primary account that you can be getting from the Comcast. You need to surrender all the equipment back to Comcast that you get during connection time.

To delete your primary email account, it will take at least 90 days of period time once you close your email account. To close your email account first, you need to clear your all pending dues with Comcast. As you already know, it’s not easy to delete your email account for that. You need to talk to the Comcast retention team and provide then with a genuine reason for the deactivation.


Confirm Cancellation

The retention team connects to you for that you need to stay firm and friendly with them. Now return all the Comcast equipment to the retention team. Later you need to confirm the cancellation request from Comcast email customer service side. After the confirmation of the cancellation of the primary email account, it will delete after 90 days. 

The simple and easy steps to delete the Xfinity email account are given below

  1. Open your web browser in which you feel comfortable, just double click on the web browser icon.
  2. In the URL section of web browser enter the URL address of Xfinitymail, as given below:-
  3. Now try to login to your Xfinity mail account. Click on login option it will ask for username and password of the account. Enter your mail account details as username and password of the Xfinity account which you want to delete.
  4. Now move down to the webpage by using the scroll bar and find option ‘Users Section’.
  5. In the user section, move down by using the scroll bar and select the ‘User Account section.’
  6. Now click on the account you want to delete.
  7. Hit the ‘Edit’ button.
  8. There are two options available through which you temporally delete your Xfinity mail account or delete your account permanently.
  9. If you want temporally delete your Xfinity mail account, click on the ‘Suspend’ button.
  10. Now click on the ‘Remove button’ to delete your account permanently.

So, by following these simple and secure methods, you can quickly delete your Xfinity Mail Account.


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