How to Delete Yahoo Account :- Close Email Account Permanently

How to Delete Yahoo Account :- Close Email Account Permanently

I really don’t need to continue with Yahoo email service, so I chose to delete my Yahoo account permanently. Can anyone tell me the steps to delete Yahoo email accounts forever?

In the modern how-to guide, we’ll show ways to delete Yahoo Mail accounts permanently. Also, the way to backup a total Yahoo email account prior to permanently delete it? So, keep reading to learn more about the feasible solution.

Step to Delete your Yahoo Email Account

Yahoo is an American based online web service provider company, its head-quarter located in California. It was founded by ‘Jerry Yang and ‘David Filo’26 years ago (January 1994). Yahoo provides many services like yahoo mail, yahoo directory, yahoo news, yahoo media, online mapping, etc. In the twentieth century, starting of the internet era, Yahoo mail was the most popular or dominant web service provider. But as time moves on, there are other competitors in the market and other web services providers in the market like Gmail, AOL mail, etc. As the market grows on Yahoo getting outpaced by its competitors and popularity of Yahoo mail falling day by day.

If you are looking to create a new email account or you have multiple accounts or maybe your previous account deactivated due to inactivity or your Yahoo mail account not any more useful for you. Some of the reasons for your Yahoo account no more active are:-

  • When you itself want to delete your Yahoo mail account for that you request so; first, it gets deactivated.
  • When there is no prolonged activity in your Yahoo mail account from the last 90 days
  • If your Yahoo email account is utilized in such a way that violate Yahoo’s terms of services

There are different reasons due to that your Yahoo mail account may be deactivated or deleted.

If there is any other reason due to that you want to delete your Yahoo mail account, you can do it by following simple and easy steps as mentioned below. But before you close your Yahoo email account, make sure the certain things.

Things to do before deleting your Yahoo mail account


  1. Backup your essential email, calendar, contacts, documents, etc
  2. Remove your social networking account associated with the Yahoo email account and set a new one for your social networks.
  3. Inform your network who may usually contact you through Yahoo mail. Provide your contacts alternative mail address before you delete your Yahoo mail account.

Step’s to Delete Yahoo Mail Account

  1. First of all, open any web browser in which you are comfortable, double click on the web browser icon and open it.
  2. In the URL section of web browser enter the hyperlink of Yahoo mail, as given below :-
  3. Now login into your Yahoo mail account. Click on login option it will ask for username and password of the account.
  4. Enter the correct username and password of the Yahoo mail account which you want to delete.
  5. Now move to the webpage by using the scroll bar and find the option ‘My Account.’
  6. Go to option ‘My account’ and search for option delete/deactivate, or you can visit their directly
  7. Now it will ask for a password, enter the password in the given text field.
  8. It will ask for the CAPTCHA code after entering the password. Enter the correct CAPTCHA to confirm your humanity.
  9. Now click on the ‘Terminate this Account’ button.
  10. Click on the ‘Yes’ button to delete your Yahoo mail account. After clicking ‘Yes,’ it shows the confirmation page informed you that your Yahoo account is terminated.

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