Among the many ways available on the internet, we have found 6 prominent ways that users can use to fix “DNS PROBE_FINISHED_BAD_CONFIG_ERROR.” As you are reading this article, we can understand that this has been frustrating as you came across this problem. Below are some six ways that are discussed to fix the problem linked to this error.

STEP# 1: Flushing of the DNS:

Flushing is the most common technique used by the user to fix the problem. There is the possibility that you might have already used the option. So, you can directly move to the next step. However, if you haven’t tried the flushing technique, then you can follow the below steps.
To implement the flushing, you have to delete the old caches of the DNS and reset the settings. With this, all the out-dated or incorrect settings need a replacement. Hence the error in the DNS will be taken care of.
To flush the DNS cache, you can use the below steps:
Go to the Command Prompt. To do so, the user can follow the below steps:

1. Click on the “Windows and R” keys and the in the RUN box type the cmd.exe and then hit the OK on the box.

2. You, as a user, can type “command prompt” directly in the “START” menu and select the “ENTER” option.

3. As you go through the program list, choose the CMD.

4. Once you have the CMD screen on your computer, you can type the below command and hit the ENTER key after every command. NETSHINTIP RESET, NETSHWINSOCK RESET, IPCONFIG / FLUSHDNS, IPCONFIG/RENEW.

5. Once you are done with the above step, the windows will reset the DNS settings, repopulate the optimum settings, and fix the problem.

STEP #2: Reconfiguration MANUALLY:

In this step, the user will try to do the manual reconfiguration of the DNS. While you want to implement this step, you would need to choose the network sharing center option available at the bottom of the computer. Below are the steps one can follow to fix the problem manually resetting the Network Settings? The steps one can follow are below:

1. Go to the network icon and right-click on it. You will see the option at the extreme right of the windows toolbar. You will see that the icon appears in the shape of a monitor while you are using the LAN, or the Wi-Fi symbol will appear as you are using a Wi-Fi connection on your computer for the internet.

2. Go to the option of “Open Network and Sharing Centre.”

3. In the list of options above, you can choose the Local Area Network. Once you see a new dialogue box, you need to select the option “Properties” from the list.

4. As you get options, choose “Internet Protocol Version 4” in the new dialogue box that appears and then hit the ‘Enter’ button.

5. Once all these steps are followed correctly, a new dialogue box will appear. One can choose the option “Use the following DNS Server Addresses” from the list.

6. Enter the required values as value- [] as the Preferred DNS server, and you can choose the values as [] in the Alternate DNS server when you punch the values in the respective boxes.

7. Further, you can select the “Validate settings upon exit” and then hit the button “OK.”


Sometimes the user can face the problem because of the discrepancy of the antivirus or firewall. It is crucial in that situation that you turn off the firewall or antivirus ultimately.


Most of the unwanted software that we download on the browser can be a case that creates this problem; there are some Add-on as well, which creates the DNS error. So it’s highly recommended to disable the unwanted add-ons. Users can also uninstall the browser completely and then re-install the browser to fix the problem.


The issue can be wholly linked to hardware. In such cases, the wire linked to LAN or DSL box can be a problem; hence we can change it to fix the problem. However, sometimes power Flee which involved unplugging all the devices and keeping the system alone for 5-10 minutes, can also fix the problem.


There are many other possible reasons for the problem and can be taken care of by updating the drivers. Further, you can try deleting the cookies, erasing the unwanted temporary files and cache. In all these, users can also try deleting the history of the browser.
Hence all these steps, if followed to its principal, will help you resolve the Among the many ways available on the internet, we have found 6 prominent ways that users can use to fix “DNS PROBE_FINISHED_BAD_CONFIG_ERROR.” issue.

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