Factory Reset Windows 10 Without Password

Factory Reset Windows 10 Without Password

In the daily routine, when we come across the basic functioning of the computer and several reasons because of which we may have to restore the computer to factory settings. Some of the elements which are responsible for the factory reset may be faulty windows software download or if you want to sell the laptop someone or clear windows 10 old memory.

Below are some possible ways that can be to reset the computer to factory settings without a problem

Step 1 

To start all this, you need to get access to all files that you need for the factory reset and keep USB Memory Stick with all required data on it handy or burn the files to CD so that you can access them any time when needed.

Step 2

Most of the time, we have access to the CD packed with the computer. This is a Reset CD and can be used for factory reset by inserting the CD into the CD Drive.

Step 3

As you are up with implementing step 2 we can confirm the restore option on the factory setting by confirming OK. As the computer will start to restore the function process without interruption, as this process will take a couple of hours.

Step 4:

After this, we would need to restart the computer, and the reboot is necessary to complete the process.

Step 5

Click on the power button to restart the computer. Once the computer turns on, you will see a black screen. If you want to reset the BIOS, it is essential to restore a factory setting without a CD.

Step 6

After the process is implemented, we can use F1 for a black screen. So through the menu, as you enter the setup using the configuration mode.

Step 7

We can use the default services to restore the computer to factory setting. This will do all the functions instantly. In case you are using a CD, it makes take several hours.

Windows 10 Computer Factory Reset – Three crucial ways:


There are cases when you find that the computer has started performing slowly or sluggish and will hang at extreme instances and freeze. In such a situation, it is highly recommended that we try a factory reset. This will change your computer with windows 10 to the stage as if it is brand new. We will consider below 3 ways to reset the computer as it locked or unbootable. These 3 prominent ways will help you to reset windows 10 computers to factory settings.

Method 1: Factory Reset Windows 10 PC – LOGGED IN:

With the use of setting app, one can reset the computer to factory settings. You can access them as you are logged into the windows 10 computer.

Below are some of the steps that one can follow:

  1. You need to click on the Start button and then choose the settings option. One can even try the shortcut of this step by oppressing “Windows Key and I” on the keyboard for the shortcut.
  2. After that, in the selective option, lists choose Update and Recovery Option.
  3. Go to the left-hand side of the menu and select the option Recovery. Click on the RESET button to start over again.
  4. Once you get the pop up for the new window with options or remove everything and keep my files. The latter option is used to keep all the files and folders, which include your pictures and documents intact. However, whichever option you choose will remove all apps, programs, and settings in the windows 10 computer.
  5. One can select the option to remove my files or Remove and clean the drives if, in the previous step, remove everything was an option chosen. If you are handing out your pc to someone else on can select the option to remove and clean drives.
  6. Go to the RESET option to factory reset the PC, which may take a few hours.

Method 2: Factory Reset Windows 10 PC – USE LOGIN SCREEN:

It may be a case that you are not able to login to the computer as you don’t remember the password. So the factory reset from the login screen can come to your rescue:

Below is the step by step solution for the same:

  1. Press and hold the shift key. Choose and click on the power button at the login screen. This will help to restart your computer.
  2. When the reboot option is selected, you can choose a troubleshoot option.
  3. Once you move through this, you can RESET this PC
  4. As you go through the RESET option, you will have two options either to keep your files or remove everything.
  5. One can choose to remove everything as you don’t need the personal data.
  6. As you decide to remove everything, you will get a clean drive option. Try and secure as you erase as the data that no one can recover that.
  7. Go to the RESET button to restore windows to factory settings.

Method 3 Factory Reset Windows 10 PC – USE DISC FOR INSTALLATION:

As you find, the computer won’t work properly, and it stops to respond and unbootable. Above are the methods that one can use to factory reset. If you want to use installation disc to factory reset below are the steps that one can follow:

  1. You can try to go for the installation disk Windows 10 DVDOne would have to change the sequence to CD/DVD in the BIOS for boot from the Disc.
  2. On the SETUP Screen, go the layout of the keyboard and use the language and click on the next option.
  3. As you move to the next screen without choosing “Install Now, “you can click on “Repair your computer. “
  4. Go to the option through the choice of possibility and choose to troubleshoot.
  5. Go to the option, which is “RESET THIS PC.”Select the option “Keep my files, “or you can even choose the option “remove everything.” Depending on how you want to proceed with the personal files.
  6. Based on the above steps, you would be required to choose the operating system.
  7. Depending on whether you want to factory reset, only the drive on which the operating system Windows 10 is installed or all the drives. You can choose the option “Only the drive windows is installed.”
  8. You will get the option either to remove all files or to clean the drive thoroughly.

9. Go to the RESETand the factory reset process will begin.

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