FIX Windows Defender Error 0X800704EC | Code 0X800704EC Solved

FIX Windows Defender Error 0X800704EC | Code 0X800704EC Solved

How to Fix Windows Defender Error Code 0X800704EC in Windows

Numerous errors can occur as you proceed with the functioning of the Defender on your Windows computer. Windows Defender Error 0X800704EC usually pops up as an official notification on your windows. In this blog, we will provide 5 prominent solutions that can be used to fix the Windows operating system’s problem.
Explain the error CODE 0x800704ec?
1. Solution 1: Start the SERVICES Of WINDOWS DEFENDER.
2. Answer 2: Remove or turn-off the third-party antivirus software.
3. Solution 3: Use the editor for the Registry fix.
4. Answer 4: Update the security setting on the Group policy module.
5. Solution 5: System Optimization.

Explain the ERROR CODE 0x800704ec?

When you get the error code as you turn on your Windows Defender, it is highly recommended to find a quick resolution. When you get the error, we see warning message associated with the error which reads as the group policy blocks your program, please read the policy and try to contact your system administrator (error code: 0x800704ec).


There are multiple causes for the services of Windows Defender not working as you try to start Windows Defender. Usually, the solution is not as difficult as you just have to configure Windows Defender services.
1. Go to “RUN” and press the keys “Windows LOGO and R.”
2. The Run Box type “services.msc” and then hit enter.
3. You can scroll down the list of services manager and choose defender service while double click on the properties.
4. Go to the drop-down and type Startup and then click Automatic setting and hit Apply.
5. Close the service manager as we start the computer.

Solution 2: Remove or Turn-Off the Third Party Antivirus software.

Windows Defender Error 0X800704EC

You can link numerous security programs with the same work that Defender does on your computer, such as antivirus, antimalware, and firewall programs. For example, when you have any third-party applications which can conflict with the other security software, you can remove them immediately. When you are trying to fix this problem by eliminating the software quickly, that won’t be enough. You will require downloading and running the related removal programs and remove any residual elements that you leave behind. In that case, you can install a removal tool that will help you to remove the traces left behind, which are causing the problem.
Various ways can be used to get rid of files, settings, or any other element left behind.

Solution 3: Use Editor for the Registry fix:

There may be chances of corruption in the Registry of your Windows 10 operating system. It may be the case that the defender services have stopped working because of some corrupted files in your system.
It could help if you  REGEDIT to edit the problematic areas:

1. Click on the two alternate keys Windows Logo key + to get to a Run Window. You can edit the item to REGEDIT on the Run dialog and then click to ENTER as you launch the Registry Editor.
2. As you are in Registry Editor, you can choose the below set of options:
3.   HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SYSTEM > CurrentControlSet > Services
4. As you move through the Registry Editor, go to the registry key and find WinDefend under Services, and choose Permissions.
5. Go to Advanced and select Owner
6. As you Change owner to you can highlight and Apply and then on OK.
7. Go to the Permissions dialog, choose Administrators with the Group or user names: as highlighted you can Allow the checkbox to Full Control as the Permissions for Administrators, select Apply and then on OK.
8. Go to Registry Editor; choose WinDefend registry key as you can see all the elements on your left side of Registry.
9. As you go to Registry Editor, select the registry values as titled Start; replace all the Value data Click OK on all fields.

As you go through this entire process, try to find whether the windows defender is working or not. If you are still facing the problem, you can proceed with the next method.

Solution 4: Update the security setting on the Group policy module.

In all the above scenarios, there may be chances that the system files are damaged or corrupted. There is a chance that corruption is generated because of the system file, which is not working correctly and needs manual intervention. It is advisable that to check the fix and corruption; the system files need a FILE CHECKER and the DISM tool, which is highly utilized to recover any damage in the files and can fix the problem on an immediate basis.

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