Gmail Account Recovery Form to Recover Deleted Gmail Account

Gmail Account Recovery Form to Recover Deleted Gmail Account

Gmail Account Recovery

In this era, everyone has at least one Gmail account. User may have to face some problems as account hacked, or end up to forget the account password, or have mistakenly deleted the account. However in such cases the then the user will have to get the Gmail account recovery option. It is one of the free email service provided by Google. The recovery form provides you some unique features that help you in the recovery of the account via the Gmail account recovery form.

For using Google service, user may have to make Google account first as it is just one of the numerous services that are offered by Google to registered users. When user pursues a Google account it is free and straightforward. While making an account; you have to remember your username and the password. After signing in to a new account, you will be able to easily access other services like Google Docs, YouTube, Photos, and Google Play and Calendar.

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Google is good at providing its users with many ways to recover their information and data. Gmail account password recovery would be a optimum way out if you have given enough security information during the account registration.

For recovering your account, the first thing you have to try is Google’s Account Recovery page.If you forgot your password or username, or you can’t get any confirmation codes or links to remember your username or password.Then follow the following steps to recover your Google Account-First and foremost the user have to enter the Gmail account address, then click on Next and click on the option Forgot Password.

How to Recover Deleted Gmail?

How to recover deleted Gmail account? In this info article, we will offer the best way out to help you recover deleted Gmail account. If you unintentionally or intentionally deleted your account and now you want it back, then follow the given steps to get your account back:-

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  • Go to the Google Account Recovery page.
  • Follow the steps to find your username.
    • Remember: For recovery you need to know your recovery email address or phone number. User should also know the full name on your account that you have entered at the time of creating an account.
  • Confirm that it is your account and see a list of matching usernames.
  • Find your username in the list and then follow the steps to recover deleted Gmail account.
    • Note: if you can’t find your name on the list, then enter your email or phone number and click on the Next option.
  • Enter the last password you remember and click on the Next option.
  • You successfully get your account and click on Continue to view your Gmail.

Gmail Account recovery form

gmail account recovery form

The Gmail is a free service provided by Google. Hence a massive number of individuals have registered on Gmail. Many individuals have more than one account. In this way, it is broad, hence the people forget their passwords or it becomes tough for them to recall password for a specific account. User can use the option of  the Gmail Account Recovery Form. This option is easy and hassles free to get back the access of your GMAIL  account. User can use it if he do not remember the password.

Recover my Gmail account – You can get back access to your Gmail account again, you have to follow the following steps for Gmail account recovery form:-

  1. Open the program on your PC, Desktop, or some other device. In this method you  you should prefer the device which you use to login to your Gmail. It is important for Gmail to perceive the IP address of the recently used machines. It is the reason that Google asks its users to consistently use a trusted or Secure desktop or PC for this purpose.
  2. Go to the list of option and choose the Gmail Recovery Form. Sign in with the details of your current Gmail account that you remember. Fill in your email address and click on next.
  3. You will be taken to a new page with a link for the Gmail recovery form.
  4. Follow the next link, afterward go to the option of Forgot password.
  5. Now enter the last password that you remember. If you are unable to remember, then try to fill the latest password that you can remember and then select the option sign-in. This step is to used to ensure the ownership of the account.

About Account Recovery form Gmail

recover deleted gmail account

In the case of a compromised account, the above alternate option will be available. However, if the hacker has already modified them, then it won’t be useful for the recovery. This is the point where you will given various possible ways to recover your account. You can even try to attempt and prove the owner ship of the account. For instance, if no recovery email address was submitted, that choice will not appear. In the case of a compromised account, the choices might appear. However,if any outsider or hacker has modified the details, then it will be not be used. For such cases we are trying to recover the Gmail account from the required options.

The options available for recovery may include any of the following inquires or activities:-

1.Recent password:

If you have changed your Gmail password recently and recall the older one, you can ENTER that required one.

2.Confirmation code:

  1. You will get a confirmation code on your registered recovery E-mail address and your mobile number.
  2. User may get it through the SMS that is an instant message from Google with the confirmation code on your phone number.

3.Gmail Account Recovery form link:

  1. For the recovery of your Gmail account, you will likewise get a confirmation link on your recovery E-mail address.
  2. Go to the confirmation link – Google account Recovery, which is sent to your recovery email address to reset the password to your account.

NOTE: Google account recovery form link that the user can use by which you can directly go to the Google Account Recovery via

One-stop solution for Gmail

If you are still facing any problem, then there are multiple ways for the Gmail Recovery problem. The Gmail has the option of Recovery Form that can be used as a solution for the Account Related query.

However in some cases where you still need any extra support related to any of your Gmail issue then you should feel free to ask a question to customer support at the Gmail. You can make a call to Gmail’s phone number at any time in case your unable to fix the problem by reading this blog. There is further a contact number available for support on this website as well.

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