Hotmail Account Recovery – Forget Password or Locked Out Here’s Fix

Hotmail Account Recovery – Forget Password or Locked Out Here’s Fix

 Hotmail is one of the most important application which is mostly chosen for mailing all over the world. It has been very popular among Mail users since its commencement. Some of its unique features and a reliable Hotmail recovery is providing its users with great help to attract many more users around the world. However, sometimes there could be a need to make Hotmail account recovery due to some issues like account got hacked. The user might have forgotten the password or any other reason that the user may face with the account.


How to recover Hotmail Account

Here are some steps that are given for the account recovery to get your Hotmail account back. And follow the all laid down steps to know about how to recover Hotmail account:-


  1. Firstly, go to the Hotmail account recovery page – in your browser.
  2. Then at the top of the page check the Forgot Password box appearing.
  3. Click on Next, at the bottom of the page and then enter your email address for that account which you would like to reset the password.
  4. Now enter the OTP (One Time Password). Enter the OTP in the given space close to the bottom of the page. And after that, click on Next.
  5. Click either on Text or Email on this page.
  6. Enter your email address or phone number that you have during the time of registration.
  7. Tap on Send code. It appears as a blue button at the bottom of the page. This may send you a recovery code to your email address or phone number.
  8. After that, redeem the recovery code.
  9. Enter the recovery code into the text field within the middle of the page, and then tap on Next. (The code that you enter matches the one that you just received, you will be on the password reset page).
  10. Enter a new password and Re-enter the password in the given space, then tap on Next. And afterwards, this may take you back to the sign-in page wherever you’ll be able to sign in to your account.

Hotmail Email Recovery

Microsoft is migrating everything under outlook but user should not worry about how he can access his account. Users can still access your Hotmail email account. Whether you are holding an outlook or Hotmail email address, both the mails will be accessible only from the Outlook Mailbox.


Features and access are the same for both the domains; it’s just the significance of the name that matters. But you can choose the identification you want for your mails. These two are like identity cards for entering into any of the Microsoft products like Skype, OneDrive, and so on.

When you were setting up your Hotmail email account at that time, you are supposed to set up a recovery email address. If you have, you will have the option to remind Microsoft to send an OTP (One Time Password) to do the password reset process. This is the most secure way to recover your email account, but you must have set up a secondary email for this to complete the procedure.

Locked out of Hotmail Account

In case the users have done some important work on your Hotmail account or composed some of the relevant emails, and you get locked out of your account. Sometimes it won’t even  accept your password that you are using since ages and you also tried all other ways to login. In case you still are not able to get your mail account back then try the steps given below to get your account back:-


  1. Firstly go to in your browser and open the password reset page.
  2. Try the Hotmail forgot password option from the I forgot my password link.
  3. After that, tap on Next at the bottom of the page.
  4. Enter your email address for which you want to reset the password.
  5. Please enter the character you see and enter it in the given space below and then click on next to reset the code.
  6. Tap on next.
  7. Select an account reset option. Click either Text on your phone number or recovery Email address on this page. (check I don’t have any of these and click on Next option, enter a recovery email address, and follow the on-screen instructions. This may help you get your account back).
  8. Click on the Send code option. It appears as a blue button at the bottom of the page. After taping on this, you will get recovery code or an OTP (One Time Password) on your recovery email address or registered phone number.
  9. Retrieve the OTP or recovery code.
  10. Enter the recovery code in the given space and then tap on next.
  11. After that enter a new password and re-enter the password again in the given space
  12. Then click on Next, and this will take you back to the sign-in page where you can sign in to your account using your new password.

One-stop Solution for Hotmail

If you’re looking for the right solution and still facing any problem related to Hotmail Account. Sometimes you have some different experiences, please feel free to share those in the chat option. Then there are multiple ways to recover with the problem. Hotmail will provide you with the best and the one-stop solution for all your queries related to Account Recovery. In case you still need any extra support related to any of your account issues, then you should feel free to ask a question at Hotmail support. The user can also avail the contact details provided on the Hotmail official website.


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