How to Cancel the Membership Plan?

How to Cancel the Membership Plan?

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KungMedia is taking money from your account automatically, even if you have canceled the subscription from Here you will get to know how to cancel the membership plan and get the refund, that you have tried to stop so many times, and it is also charging you for undetermined amounts every month.

Some ways that will help you how to cancel KungMedia for taking the amount from your account. Then you are suggested to contact your bank or credit card company for the help to prevent unwanted happenings or block your card to stop deceitful sites for making any fraudulently charging with your account and refund your money if the card already charged.

Getting Money Back From KungMedia

KungMedia is a deceitful content streaming site. It claims all its users to provide them all their favorite music, web series, movies, and many more. To watch all these from your ideal platform, you need to buy the subscription, and you have to enter your credit card details. Once you have done this, it will charge you for undetermined amounts, and afterward, it will take money from your account automatically. At that time, you are worried about how you will get your money back. Getting your money back from KungMedia is not a simple and easy process.

What is the Process to Delete KungMedia Permanently?

You are getting rid of unwanted penalties from the bank for not paying for an undetermined payment that you are getting charged every month from a fraudulent site. And you think that permanent deleting the KungMedia is a solution then here you will find the solution for uninstalling:-

  • Remember: the procedure you are going to follow is for windows 10

Before starting the uninstalling procedure, you must reboot your PC in Safe Mode. Or, if you know how to do it, then directly start the process. And if you don’t then here is the process for how to reboot in Safe mode:-

  • Open the Start menu

safe mode in windows 10

  • Click on the Power

safe mode in windows 10

Now you are in the save mode, and you can start with the uninstalling procedure of KungMedia:-

  • Open Chrome in your PC and click on the Chrome menu icon at the top-right corner of the screen > More Tools > Extensions > then, identify the malware and select on trash-icon.

delete extentions

  • Open Control Panel by holding the Window Key + R together. Write appwiz.cpl in the field, and then tap on OK.


Here, you will find any program that you had no intention to install and uninstall it.

  • Run the Task Manager by right-clicking on the Taskbarand selecting Start Task Manager.

Cancel the Membership

If you find out any suspicious one, directly search on Google for its name. If you find any malware process, then straightforwardly right-click on it and select on End task.

  • Open MS Configuration by holding the Window Key + R together. Type MS configuration and then tap on OK.

Cancel the Membership

Go in the Startup tab and Un-Tick all the entries that are Unknown for you.

This is How you will get rid of any extra charges from KungMedia, and able to cancel the membership on your own.

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