How to make AOL Account Recovery and AOL Password Reset

How to make AOL Account Recovery and AOL Password Reset

AOL Account Recovery

AOL is one of the finest web portals and online service providers of the US, which serves a million clients with their services in the country. Along with this, the users are offered to utilize an email address and password given by AOL. The email given users can be utilize for both purposes like personal and professional emails. But sometimes you face some issues with the account, so, in this article, the complete procedure is mentioned for AOL account recovery.

Once in a while, being an electronic program, it is creating small issues for their clients. Like login issues with the AOL mail account can be assumed as one of the problems. Daily, there are a large number of clients who are grumbling about the AOL mail sign-in issue on their gadgets.


Steps for the AOL Recovery

You don’t know how to recover AOL account. Then you can follow the steps mentioned below:-

  • Firstly, go to the official website page of AOL.
  • After that, on the Web page, the user needs to click on the Forgot password link to start the recovery of the password.
  • After that, on the next page, the user asked to enter the email address for account recovery.
  • The Captcha will appear on the screen has to be typed in the given space and then click on the Next button.
    • Note: If you face any problem with the Captcha, then click on refresh option, and the new Captcha will appear, or the Captcha is not visible, later you can try the volume option. Tap on volume option so that the computer will read out the characters of Captcha for you. Then enter it into the given space.
  • After that, the account is verified before the AOL password reset recovery option appears. The verification will be done either with an email address or a phone number.


  • Fill in the OTP you got in the given space; after entering the OTP, the verification is completed.
  • After this user will get the option to recover the account by creating a new password. If you want another way to try, then click on try another way to log in.
  • If you select to try another way option, then you need to enter the recovery email address to get the OTP (One Time Password).
  • After that, it will redirect you to the password reset option, and you can reset the password by creating a new one.
  • Enter the new password, confirm it by re-entering in the confirm your password space.
  • Once the process gets complete, you can try to login to the account. This is how you can recover your account.

For any further help or solving issue, the technical support of AOL can be contacted. The professional person of the support department will assist with all the problems. To get in touch with them, the user can avail of the contact details provided on the AOL website.

How to reactivate AOL account?

AOL mail is the best email service, and is used by millions of clients all over the world. Some of them buy paid membership subscription for getting services from the AOL. But sometimes the users of this mail forgot to renew the subscription to reactivate the account. If you don’t renew the membership subscription, then your account will be deleted by the AOL team permanently.

Follow the following steps to renew or reactivate AOL account paid subscription plan:-


  1. Go to the AOL official website.
  2. Tap on my account link to log in to the AOL account.
  3. After logging in successfully, click on my subscriptions.
  4. Then find the service or product that you want to renew or reactivate.
  5. Download the application and log in to the application or product. Then click on renew the subscription.
  6. If you don’t get any details, then you can click on the Forgot Password link.
  7. This will redirect you to the website page, where you can reset your password.
  8. After that, follow the on-screen instructions to reactivate your services.

After following these above steps to recover the password, you will get your account back, but the option showing up on the screen – AOL password reset not working. Then you have to contact the AOL support for the help, and you will be instructed on the ways why this is happening with your account.

AOL has deactivated my account


You are using the AOL account as a backup account to another account, and you need to get it very badly. And you are not getting it because you forgot the password to it, and didn’t realize that the AOL backup account was deactivated. Is there any way to reactivate an old deleted AOL account? Because my account has been deactivated. Maybe it can happen because of some unusual interruptions, the account you are using has violated the AOL terms of service or AOL account deactivated due to inactivity.

 AOL will deactivate the account automatically after 12 months of inactivity. If you are using this account as a recovery email for some other services, you should try to create a new account with the same information.

If you create the account with the same information, and you have not given an answer to the secret question that you remember, or an alternate recovery email address or phone number to which you have access to receive an OTP (One Time Password), you cannot prove that you are the account’s genuine user. Hence account recovery is only possible after contacting AOL mail help.

One-Stop Solution for AOL Recovery

There are multiple ways to recover with the AOL password and account issues, if you are still facing any problem after reading article. AOL provides you many ways to resolve all your queries related to Account Recovery. But if you still need any extra support related to any of your AOL mail issues, then you should feel free to ask a question at AOL customer service on there phone number. The user can avail of the contact details provided on the AOL website.

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