How to recover Yahoo Password without phone number and alternate email

How to recover Yahoo Password without phone number and alternate email

YAHOO! Password Recovery

Yahoo! mail provides you four different email plans: three for individual or personal use (Basic, Plus, and Ad-Free), and the fourth one is for business. It also supports managing non-Yahoo email accounts. But sometimes it creates some problem with the yahoo mail and you end up getting a prompt that the password or mail address you are entering is not correct. When this problem occurs between some important work it feels frustrated and it breaks the flow of work. Hence the user can try it as a recover option for yahoo password or restart the browser or application. If you have any other issue then read the given article carefully to get rid of the problems and do Yahoo! recovery.

How can I retrieve my YAHOO Password?

It is a standard or essential thing for one person to forget the password of an account. The average internet user has some online accounts with which he/she works. In case you have more than one account means that you will be using more than one password. You possibly have some unique and different passwords for each account you use, and it is safer to have various passwords. Yahoo! Mail is most likely one of those accounts that user is using.

Our specialized persons will teach you how to restore access to your Yahoo account using a registered backup email address or a mobile number for recovery. If you don’t have any of this registered with your Yahoo account, then you won’t be able to recover your account.

Below are some steps to retrieve the YAHOO MAIL Password:

  • First, get a Yahoo password restore tool Wonder share Win Suite 2012, an excellent program which can help to get back your Forgotten Yahoo password in just a few steps:-
  • Download Win-suite on your computer, then go to the Password & Key Finder 
  • Then tap on the Password Finder button -to begin finding your forgotten Yahoo password.
  • Go to Yahoo! Mail or Yahoo! Messenger Password to start searching and then tap on next to restore Yahoo password.
  • Here, you can find and export your Yahoo! Mail password, i.e., stored in the source computer as a special cipher file.
    • Note: From the help of this file, you can sign in to your Yahoo on any other computer without entering any password. All you have to do is to copy this file to any place of the destination computer and click Restore Password Data.

If you still have any doubt related to Yahoo mail recovery user can use this site. On this website this article will help you to the best way out to recover all your Yahoo! Mail account related problems. However, in case  you are still facing any issue and want to know how to recover your account then you can contact Yahoo mail support. You can share your queries through contact us form available for the user.

How to Recover Yahoo Password?

  1. Firstly go to the Yahoo! account recovery website. If you are locked out of your account and don’t remember your password and have tried the yahoo mail forgot password. Go to for starting the account recovery process.
  • Note: The process is the same for mobile devices and desktop.
  1. How can I retrieve my yahoo password Enter your Yahoo! email address or phone number registered with your account?
  2. You will get an OTP on your Mail or phone number. When you enter this OTP in the given field, then it will allow you to recover your yahoo password.
  3. Now you will be redirected to the password creation page.
  4. Please enter your new password and enter again to confirm it. Creating a new password will log you out from all of your connected devices.
  5. Now you can log in with the new password that you have created.

How To Recover Yahoo Password Without Phone Number And Alternate Email 

This procedure is for some users who have given or abandoned the old mobile number and can’t even discover back the alternative email address. On our site, we will provide you the world’s best process to get back your Yahoo password recovered by Password Recovery Bundle. It is the fastest password recovery tool in the market. It integrates 22 different password recovery toolkit for Windows, PST, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Access, ZIP/Win Zip, RAR/Win RAR, Outlook, Outlook Express, SQL, PDF, IE Browser, Email, online sites, etc.


Follow the following steps to know about how to recover yahoo password without phone number and alternate Email:-

  • Firstly you have download and install this software to your PC, then find and click on Email and Internet Browser Password Recovery in the main interface.
  • The next step is to click on Outlook Password Recovery to recover your passwords for Yahoo email account.
  • Then on the next, you need to tap on the Start Recovery option, and the password of the respective account will be recovered immediately. It will be able to see all the detailed information about the Yahoo email account.


If you think the procedure we have given for “How to recover Yahoo password without phone number and alternate email” is a little bit unclear for you, then on this site, we will offer the best way out to help you recover all your Yahoo! Mail account related problems. You can contact us through Email.

How To Change Password Of Yahoo Mail?

It is a very good idea to update your password regularly and to make sure that it will be unique from the other passwords you use for other sites. If you’ve forgotten your password and don’t know how to change password in yahoo mail? It is a straightforward process, and you can reset it for a fresh start.


Using web browser in your mobile and PC, you can change the password by following below steps

From the Yahoo mobile app, you can change the password through:-

  • Tap on the Menu icon.
  • Click on the Manage Accounts.
  • Go to Account info.
  • After that, go to Security settings.
  • Enter the OTP (One Time Password).
  • Tap on Change password.
  • Tap, I would rather change my password.
  • Enter the new password and then confirm the password
  • At last, click on Continue.

One-Stop Solution For Yahoo! Mail

If you’re looking for the right solution and still facing any problem related to Yahoo! Account like Yahoo mail not working, then there are multiple ways to recover with the problem. You can get a one-stop solution for all your queries related to Yahoo! Account Recovery. You can also contact to yahoo mail support. Or you can send your queries through contact us form. And also get more support at calling on the phone number available on Yahoo! mail official website.

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