How to uninstall Discord? – Troubleshoot Discord Won’t Uninstall

How to uninstall Discord? – Troubleshoot Discord Won’t Uninstall

It is ubiquitous that we are uninstalling Discord but still exists in the system after restarting. And this incomplete removal may lead to some issues like hampering other programs, etc. So here, we’ll discuss what the most effective method is? To do it properly Uninstall Discord from your PC, but before that, let’s get some basic idea of Discord.

Discord- Application Overview

It is software made by Hammer & Chisel; it facilitates communication services to users to connect online via videos, texts, and audios. Discord is by default installed in C:\users\appdate\Local\Discord, and we can choose to uninstall it through the Windows control panel, or we can also take third party applications to help to remove it. Before studying how we can do so, we should take a look at what are the problem arises while deleting it so that we can rectify those issues and do it properly.

Most common issue while uninstalling Discord

  • We cannot found this program in the program list of window uninstallers.
  • We cannot remove it from recycle bin
  • It starts up itself, no matter if we already removed its files, folders, and registry keys.
  • Related folders and files may still reflect on a web browser after uninstalling it.

We have to ensure to take the proper way to avoid these kinds of issues, but if still coming, what the remedies to get it of it are. Lets’ have a look.

This application program is working on a Mac operating system, windows, IOS, LINUX, Android, and web browsers. Here we will study how we can fix these issues from each one by one.

How to fix issues with JavaScript

We have to remind you if recently we added any new window updates. If we did, then we have to remove that latest update package to restrict it to affect the uninstalling of Discord. To do so, follow the below written steps:

  • Press Windows key +l to launch the settings application.
  • Click on update and security> click on windows update (given on left pane).
  • Now click on update history given on left pane.
  • Select uninstall an update.
  • Then look the latest update on the new window and click on uninstall.
  • After removing the latest update package, you can easily remove Discord.

If still, you are unable to fix this issue we can give a fix; please contact us.

How to Uninstall Discord in from iPad or iPhone?


  • Navigate the Discord icon on your iPad or iPhone. The image of this application is like a blue coloured circle with a while colored Gamepad. If may appear on the home screen, or you can search from the application folder as well.
  • Click on X given on the app icon. It is available on the first left side. In this way, we can uninstall the app and remove all the related content from the iPhone or iPad.
  • Now we have to confirm the action new pop up.
  • Click on delete in a new confirmation window. There is a red button available on the bottom right corner pop up. It will completely delete this app from an iPhone or iPad.

How to Uninstall Discord from Mac?


  • Open the Mac application folder and click on the Discord app. It is looking like a blue-colored circle with an A with it. It may be available on the left sidebar of any Finder window or the dock.
  • You can also press OPTIONS+COMMAND+S.
  • Find the app from the folder.
  • Drag application in the trash bin available on the dock
  • Then open the trash bin folder and
  • Click right on the app in the trash bin.
  • A pop up will open, now select delete immediately. It will permanently delete your app from the computer.
  • Click delete in the confirmation pop up and remove this app from your system.

How to Uninstall Discord it from Android?

  • Open the android application menu.
  • Find out the application icon. It is looking the same as it is looking for an iPhone or iPad. A blue coloured circle with a white gamepad.
  • Click and hold the icon so that you can move all around your screen.
  • Now drag it and drop at the uninstall tab.
  • You can remove your app and all the related content in this way.
  • Sometimes uninstall tab is coming at the bottom of the screen or sometimes on top.
  • In a lot of androids, we may get the option of delete instead of uninstalling.
  • Then tap on the ok button for confirmation.

How to Uninstall Discord from Windows 10?

  • Click on a start menu button given on the lower left side.
  • Press the Windows button to open the start menu.
  • Or we can also open a search in Cortana next to the Start menu in the taskbar.
  • Type program and feature. The results will reflect on the start menu.
  • In some versions of the window, this program might be named Add or Remove Programs.
  • After clicking the program and feature, it will open a new file in the explorer window in which all applications will be listed.
  • Find Discord either by name or the icon.
  • Click on the Uninstall button, which is available on Uninstall or change a program in the topmost window.
  • Click yes for confirmation. It will confirm your action to remove it from windows 10.
  • Now, at last, click on ok in the confirmation window.
  • Then again, click ok to close the window.

Some Extra Tips to Delete Discord Account

By following all the above steps, you can remove Discord from your connected device. But sometimes we want to delete our Discord account as well. Let’s have a look at how you can do it:

  • Open the web browser and go to the program’s associated webpage.
  • Find out and navigate your profile settings, and there is a deleted account option available.
  • Click on the delete button.
  • It can also get help from professional Total Uninstaller to manage your concern correctly from your system.


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