Microsoft Virus Alerts Scam – Pop-up Scam (Virus Removal Guide)

Microsoft Virus Alerts Scam – Pop-up Scam (Virus Removal Guide)


As you come across many pop-ups, which can block you from performing your daily routine work as you use your Microsoft Windows computer.
It is highly recommended that you have the specialized tools available on your machine for ease of access so that you can remove these pop-up without any problem. Generally, these pop-ups are found on the internet browser and will block you from moving out from a particular page and hence will not be able to do anything rather calling on the phone number available on the pop-up. This is a heck where you are stuck; thus, this guide below can help you and rescue your computer from this situation. Below are some guided steps that one can follow to get rid of this problem.


Method 1: Remove Unwanted Windows Programs.
𝕄𝕖𝕥𝕙𝕠𝕕 2: Use Malware bytes Software if you don’t have it installed.
𝕄𝕖𝕥𝕙𝕠𝕕 3: Remove unwanted threat with HITMAN PRO
Method 5: Reset the browser setting of the computer browsers

In case you are not able to close your browser, you won’t be able to implement any of the above steps. So, it recommended starting the Task Manager and identifying the task that you are unable to close right click and then end the process linked to the task so that you are not stuck with the browser error. You can also start the Task Manager by clicking on the three alternate keys simultaneously, i.e., “CTRL+SHIFT+ESCP.” The user has to scroll through the list of options and find the browser option where a left click will highlight the option and choose the END TASK option to end the task altogether.

Method 1: Remove Unwanted Windows Programs To Remove MICROSOFT VIRUS ALERTS SCAM

This step involves the identification of the unwanted programs and removal of the malicious programs which get installed on the computer while you are browsing stuff on the internet. To implement this step, one would have to access the Program and features on the computer. IN the option of the START MENU, the user can type the control panel and in the box of the control panel through the list of programs in the programs category, find the unwanted or malicious program and uninstall it.
You will have to choose all the programs that you haven’t installed on your computer. There is software that we have stopped using so we can highlight all that software and hit un-install as we move through the list. One would have to follow the on-screen instruction and choose the option ‘Yes’ for the prompt when asked to remove all those Malicious Programs.

Method 2: Use Malware bytes Software if you don’t have it installed: Virus Removal Guide

One of the widely used software nowadays is Malware-Bytes as an anti-malware for the windows computer. While accessing this software on the Windows computer, you can run various scans, and the time you can look at your convenience. When you use malware bytes, it can kill almost all the Malware which is deleted, and any unwanted threats that you see are because of other software on your computer are also fixed.

When it comes to removing the infection, Malware bytes is highly recommended as it is the free and essential tool to fight the Malware.
You can install the Malware bytes for free and get a trail that you can use for 14- days. This free trial gets you to access to the Real-Time Protection and features of the premium edition. This also protects you from Ransomware. After the trial period is over, it works as a protective tool alongside other security software without any conflict. Below are some steps that one can follow to download the malware bytes on your computer.


1. Go to the malware bytes website and click on the blue download button to download the software on your computer.
2. As you download the malware bytes on your device, you can click on the setup file downloaded on the button left and start the software on your computer.
3. Sometimes you can find the download file in the folder of downloads on your computer. The user can accept the terms and condition associated with the software as get the malware bytes icon on the computer
4. You can run all types of scans on your computer and with the automatic scan, which you can use as an added feature. Further, the update option on the software will update the database of the software automatically. Once you run the scan, you will have to wait for a few minutes until the scan is complete.

As you see the list of problems detected by the software, one can click on the option “Quarantine,” and will be able to remove all problematic files from your devices. Hence, you will be able to get rid of all unwanted Malware.

Once you are up with all the above steps, it’s highly recommended to restart the computer. As we follow this step, all the registry errors will be taken care of automatically, and new keys are replaced by software without the user manually fixing any of it.
As this step is complete, the user can close the malware bytes software or let it run in the background to keep an eye on your system and protect your computer from any damages.

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