Netflix Refund | Cancel Netflix Subscription or Membership

Netflix Refund | Cancel Netflix Subscription or Membership

Netflix is one of most of the most popular streaming online entertainment applications all over the world. It is offering hundred and thousands of movies, web series, songs, videos, etc. We can watch it online, or we can also have disks or blue-ray via mails. Yes, it is one of the best entertainment mode, especially for weekends. However if you have already bore with it, or you are not finding it entertaining anymore, you can cancel Netflix membership. However, mostly the streaming services don’t keep their cancellation procedure simple and clear, but thankfully you can cancel this subscription very quickly and get Netflix Refund if applicable.

Once the user is able to  get cancellation of the subscription, it is big question that will we  going to get charged further. If you get charged how to get a refund from Netflix or if already paid the full amount and canceled a membership. Then how to get money back from Netflix weather they will charge on pro-rata partial or as a whole. There are a lot of questions we have to discuss. We will discuss everything thoroughly here.

How to cancel Netflix/ cancel Netflix subscription/ cancel Netflix membership?

Let’s start the discussion with the cancellation procedure first. But here this is to clear that cancel Netflix or cancel the subscription or cancel membership is the same terminology, there is no difference.

Once you cancel your membership, you will get a prompt confirmation message of cancellation, However, it doesn’t mean that from day particular day, you will have no access to the contents, but it will be stopped from the date of expiry. For example, if your subscription cycle is from 1st to 30th of months and you canceled your membership on 16th, then you’ll get charged with the full amount, and subscription will end on 30th only. There will be no pro-rata basic charges.

How to cancel Netflix? 


You can cancel membership either from an application or from the website as well. To cancel your membership via the app, follow the below-written steps:

  • Sign in to the app.
  • Next to your profile, there is a down arrow given on the right-hand side of the page, click the arrow.
  • Choose the Account section.
  • Click on the Membership and Billing option.
  • Click the gray Cancel membership button
  • At last, click on the Finish Cancellation button to confirm your cancellation request.

As soon as you click on Finish Cancellation, user will get a prompt message stating that “You’re now unsubscribed from your membership. You can use your account until the end of your current billing period or free trial.”
In the same way, you can cancel your subscription from the website as well.

Refund Steps to cancel Netflix from the site:

  • Log on to the website and sign in with your valid email id and password, or you can also log in with your Facebook account by selecting “Login with Facebook” given in the lower part of the screen.
  • Next to your profile, user can access the  down arrow given on the right-hand side of the page, and CLICK On it.
  • Choose the Account section.
  • Click on the Membership and Billing option.
  • Click the gray Cancel membership button
  • At last, click on the Finish Cancellation button to confirm your cancellation request.

Now will get a mail on your registered mail id for confirmation. And regarding charges and dates of the same closure, conditions will be applied as applied in case of application.

Sometimes it happens that we are not getting the Cancel Membership box on our account. In that case, there is a possibility that we have signed up your account via any third party user like Google Play, iTunes, etc. In this case, we have to use that relevant account to cancel the subscription. Now, the question is how we will get to know how we signed up for the first time. To identify this, we can look at our bank statement; provide name is always listed there.

How will you access in future if you cancel Netflix membership?

No, you don’t have to make a new account to start with again because after cancellation, also they used to keep your account alive for the next 10 months. So if anytime you want to reuse it, you can reactivate your account and have a new subscription.

Is there any penalty to cancel membership?

No, there is no extra penalty, but you’ll not get any Netflix refund and get charged fully for the month for which you started the subscription.

Netflix Refund

This is a big question that “does Netflix refund?” It is worth asking. So let’s find out how to get money back from Netflix? But after reading the terms and conditions, it is very much clear that it won’t give you a refund. They are very rigid with their policies.

So, we have to understand the conditions when we can expect refunds from Netflix. Because if you already mad payment and started using services. If you will never refund the paid amount, neither in full not on a pro-rata basis.

So after canceling membership, we have to tackle the problem of refund. And to do so, we have to understand whether we are qualifying for the refund or not. For that, we have to refer to terms and conditions. But the most basic requirements are:

  • Netflix charged you after a free trial
  • It charged you after cancellation
  • Netflix accused you during your free trial

Let’s study all the above-written conditions one by one.

1) Netflix charged me after a free trial

If you are using a free trial package, then it is your responsibility first to cancel the subscription by the completion of the trial period; and starting of paid subscription. The Netflix is also providing free trial packages for 30 days only. In almost all cases at the time when the user take this trail pack, it warns user about charges and cancellation of membership if we don’t want to continue. In case you have not unsubscribed the NETFLIX  it may be any reasonable amount that will be automatically deducted from your credit card or bank account or any  preferred mode which is selected for the  shared in starting.

2) You were charged after the cancellation of subscription

In this case we’ll get a refund from the NETFLIX only if everything is in process correctly on our end because it is their fault. User will have to ensure all other circumstances are in place:

  • Make sure the account of user is cancelled in the correct way. Ensure that you have completed the cancellation process until the last step and got the confirmation message or email.
  • Make sure that you never share your Login Id and password to any other person. In some cases they  could reactivate your account, or maybe somebody is still using it.
  • Ensure that you did not share your payment credentials or information with anyone else who could have signed up for a new account with your payment option
  • Make sure that you have not taken two different subscriptions with the same payment mode.

If none of the cases are matching to your case, you have to contact their customer care team to refund the charged amount. To communicate with them, you can either directly dial a toll-free number (for those users who belong to the United States of America). For US customers there services are available for 27*7. So you will be able to reach some of the executives by any time of the day.

Or, you can also take help from the executives dealing with live chat for support. There also you can connect with them 24*7. For that, you have to sign in to your user account from the same id and password and go to the support and then choose the chat option. It may take some time to connect to the executive, depending upon how busy the chat lines are. Then you can let them know your issue that will help you according to their procedure.

3) You have been charged while you are on free trial

You may get a pending authorization on your credit card during your trial period. They are doing this only to make sure that the  credit card will be capable enough to pay at the time of the real charge date or not. The pending charge will never go through. But, if you still believe that you have been charged wrongly during the trial duration, contact the customer care services of them via chat or direct call for a refund the amount.

Netflix is very much strict on their refund policies. If the charged amount is not easily refundable either in full or partial. It is only possible to get a refund only if the 100% mistake from the your side of the  side only if there is any fault from your end. You’ll never get your amount back. But, usually, they never charge during the trial period. It could be a rare case, so before asking them for a refund, you have to ensure the date of starting of your trial period also that you have been charged before completion of 30 days.

Connect with a real person to get Netflix Refund

Like any other service, they also make their customer support availability process very easy they have a toll free number for direct contact via voice call. Their toll-free number is 888-638-3549 (as on the internet) US clients can connect on the same number 24*7. All other customer can get help by clicking on the chat link and the  Netflix Representative  will help with the problem and this process will take 10 to 12 minutes to get connect to the executive who can fix the issue right-away.

So, in short, that you can easily cancel your membership, but getting a Netflix refund is never an easy process. You have to ensure a lot of things from your side before approaching them for return.

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