Outlook Email Not Working – Not Receiving Emails

Outlook Email Not Working – Not Receiving Emails

The outlook is one of the most leading and popular email service provider and management application. Microsoft owns it. It is a speedy, convenient, most reliable application. But instead of all these, sometimes we face issues related to outlook emails. Sometimes it stopped working fully, sometimes partially. There are a lot of reasons which could lead to Outlook Email Not Working issues. And for every specific problem, there is the solution.

Major Issues for Outlook Email Not Working

Major problems facing in outlook are email loading but freeze, contents are breaking, unable to open mail, not receiving email, unable to send, outlook email does not sync with iPhone, search email is not working, etc.

Outlook Not Receiving Emails

While using outlook a lot of times, we are facing issues with outlook stopped receiving emails. Before starting to understand the solution, we should understand the causes of this issue

  • There’s a possibility that emails stored in spam instead of inbox
  • There can be any firewall which is blocking emails
  • There can be any network issue
  • The email account is not synced with outlook
  • Account details are not correctly entered
  • Emails client is not available
  • Outlook server is down
  • Any bug or malware affected outlook data
  • Drive data is full
  • Oversized outlook data files
  • Incorrect office installation
  • Wrong user id or password
  • Server authentication not done (SMTP)

Remedies for Outlook Not Receiving Emails

  1. Wrong User ID or Password

    • Check your internet connection first.
    • Click on the file option given on top left corner
    • Select account setting and open dropdown
    • Click account setting
    • A new pop up will show you email id check it is correct or not
    • If not, double click and enter the correct user id and password.
  2. If your junk filter lever is too high, it may restrict mails. For get rid of it

    • open home page of outlook
    • select the junk mail
    • choose junk email options from the drop-down
    • pop up window will reflect filter level
    • make it low to test
  3. To get rid of wrong server settings

    • Your outgoing and incoming server and port number must be correct. To ensure it follow :
    • Tap on file option available on the top left corner
    • Click account settings from the dropdown
    • Inside the pop-up window, make sure under “type” POP or IMAP/SMTP is written.
    • Double click on the email and select more settings in more options. Select the advance tab to see the incoming and outgoing server.
    • The incoming server should be IMAP OR POP.TELSRA.COM for Telstra mail.
    • For IMAP server number must be 993.
    • In outgoing port number must be 587 or 465, and the server must be SMTP.
  4. If your inbox is full

    • If the mailbox is full, and there is no space, then the outlook will not receive any mail. To rectify this issue :
    • Open the junk folder or inbox or any other folder
    • Select delete unwanted emails
  5. Investigate the blocked user list

    • Sometimes we add any particular sender in the blocked user list; in that case, we will not receive any mail. So we have to take him out of that list. To do so:
    • Click on settings
    • Select mail
    • Go to the junk email. It will show you all the blocked email ids
  6. Disable anti-virus or firewall application

    • If there is any firewall or malware available in the system, it may restrict emails. We have to delete or disable it from the system. If there is any plug-in recently added on outlook, and then remove it as well.
  7. Get rid of outlook rules

    • Outlook allows us to set strict rules for outgoing and incoming emails. If we have any such control, we have to delete it.
    • Go to the setting
    • Click on mail
    • Select the rule and click on trash icon
    • Delete any existing rule
  8. Clear multiple connected accounts

    • We can connect up to 20 email accounts, and numerous connections may block or restrict emails from some accounts. We have to remove accounts in that case. To do so:
    • Click on accounts
    • Then check connected accounts
    • Select the unwanted account
  9. Investigate the automatic refresh option

    • Like other servers, automatically refresh emails in the same way outlook also do. If you still are not receiving emails the ensure your automatic refresh option is enabled. To do so:
    • Click on send/receive group settings
    • Enable the automatic refresh option

Tips for Protecting Emails and Using Outlook


By following all the remedies as mentioned above, we’ll be able to get rid of email issues, but protecting emails is also important. There are specific tips discussed below to protect your emails and use outlook more efficiently

Enable two-factor authentication

It is essential to enable this feature to protect the outlook account. If anybody tries to access your outlook, an OTP will be generated for verification that you’ll receive on your phone.

Verify all the connected devices

Outlook allows us to add some trusted devices from where we can log in without entering OTP. So for account safety, we have to make sure to add only trusted devices.

Changing password regularly

Keep your password strong in length, use alphanumeric, special characters. And keep improving it every few months. And do not share it with anyone.

Create a backup of Outlook data

Maintain a duplicate copy of your PST files and save them at any other location. If files are deleted, then recover it from backup. You can also use Recoverit Data Recovery by wondshare to extract lost files.

Outlook Email Not Working Use Stellar Phoenix to repair corrupt outlook files

It is a user-friendly interface you can only follow and click-through process to repair your corrupted PST files.

By following all the above remedies and tips, we can protect our outlook data and resolve issues of not receiving emails. But even after doing everything, if you are not able to rectify the problem or need any further support. Outlook has a very dedicated technician team.

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