Skype Not Working : Troubleshoot Issue for Windows or Mac

Skype Not Working : Troubleshoot Issue for Windows or Mac

Having a lot of compliments, sometimes users may face the issue of Skype not working. And it is very obvious, in the end, it is also a part of technology and technology may stuck at any time.

Skype is a top-rated application providing users voice calls. Voice chats video calls to all the users, including computers, smartphones, and tablets. A huge number of customers are using this Microsoft owned product, and this is not only popular in between individual users but also for the business units. The Redmond Company is working very hard to improve this application software day by day from years, and they are also taking care to increase the number of users every second.

In the same way, it also has its pros and cons, and it may pull you off anytime. If you are a regular user of this application, sometimes you might experience a lot of annoying issues that

  • Application freezes frequently
  • Unable to open in Mac
  • Crashing while using
  • Not responding to device
  • Unable to connect to the device
  • Camera not working
  • Video not working
  • No sound available
  • Microphone not working, etc.

Necessary remedies to Fix Skype Not Working issue

Necessary remedies to fix Skype Not Working issue

Here, we will discuss the most common solutions the maximum number of cases will be resolve by following these procedures. And after that, we will discuss the specific issues like Skype not working on Mac and skype, not opening windows 10.

1. Reset the password 

The very primary complaints are that users are not able to log in to the application on the phone and computes as well. So, the very first thing we have to ensure whether we are trying to log in with the correct id and password or not. If you are not sure about the password, then reset your password and check if the problem is being resolved or not.

To reset your password, you have to log in with the email address that is linked with your account and then follow the procedures to get a new password. Once done, login with the new password and get access.

2. Ensure that your device is connected with the internet

Sometimes we face the issues that we are unable to sign up our account or unable to send or receive messages, calls, or videos. In this case, we have to make sure your network connection. Your internet should be connected, and speed must be good. If you are connected, and speed is good, then disconnect and reconnect to the internet. After that, logout and login back.

3. Check permissions and audio settings

The application allows us to make free audio and video calls the allover world. But a lot of us are getting complaints we cannot hear the other person’s voice. To we have to make sure that it must be connected with the speaker and microphones and having permission to access. To check these things follow the steps:

  • Click on Tools
  • Select Options
  • Click audio settings, now hit Volume area under microphone and follow given instructions and ensure if microphone working correctly or not.
  • If you are using the application in an iPhone, then :
    • Click on setting application from home screen
    • Tap on Skype and turn on the Microphone switch.
  • If you are using it in an Android device then:
    • Click on settings
    • Open application manager
    • Click on Skype Permissions
    • Switch on the Microphone

4. Uninstall and reinstall Skype

If, after doing all the above remedies, your problem not resolves, then you can try with uninstalling and reinstall. Follow steps to do so:

  • Click on the Windows button and select settings option.
  • Select Apps and navigate Skype
  • Uninstall the application software.
  • Now visit the official website and install it back.

How to fix Skype not opening Windows 10?


If you are facing an issue of Skype not opening on Windows 10, then could be a reason that it might be because of any third-party application that you installed recently. Usually, we see that Antivirus is restricting us from opening in Windows 10. There are several methods to fix this issue.

  • Reinstall your application software
  • Re-name related folder in Safe Boot mode.
  • Perform as SFC Scan
  • DisableuPnp

In maximum cases, the above two remedies of sufficient issues. Let’s discuss each thoroughly.

1. Re installation of application software

We have already discussed how to uninstall and reinstall in detail. Follow the same steps to complete the process, i.e.,

  • Click on the Windows button and select settings option.
  • Select Apps and navigate Skype
  • Uninstall the application software.
  • Now visit the official website and install it back.

2. Rename Skype folder in Safe Boot mode

  • Press and hold windows +R buttons.
  • Type in run “msconfig,” press Enter
  • Tap on Boot tab given on the upper side of the page
  • Check the box available next to the Safe Boot
  • Check the box next to the Network
  • Reboot Windows 10 device.
  • Restart the operating system and open your application and see if it is running correctly.
  • Again open Run and type “%appdata%,” press Enter
  • Navigate Skype folder from pop up
  • Rename folder with any other name
  • Close file explorer band start the application again
  • At last, start your device usually and rerun the app.

3. Perform an SFC again

  • Tap on the search feature given on top of the page
  • Type “Command Prompt”
  • Once opened click on Command Prompt Icon
  • Then click on “Run as administrator”
  • In Command Prompt window type “sfc/scannow” without quotes, press Enter
  • Leave sfc scan finish and reboot the Windows 10 device
  • Start the application software again and access it regularly.

4. Disable uPnP

  • Follow the previous instructions to enter the Safe Mode feature in Windows 10.
  • Open the application
  • Click on Skype Advanced Connections Settings
  • Disable uPnP feature
  • Reboot program as well as your operating system
  • Open the app again once reboot is done and see if it is working properly or not.

How to fix Skype not working on Mac


1. Application is not opening in on Mac 

This may happen because of a number of reason depending upon the versions like macOS Version, Skype app version, Mac’ specs, apps launched, etc. to fix it:

  • Open activity monitor app> utilities
  • Start application and locate all related processes using the search box
  • Select and quit all running processes and relaunch the application
  • If still, the issue persists completely to remove the program using MacFly Pro or any other app that features that can help to uninstall completely.
  • Download the latest version again and install it.

2. Application not responding on Mac

  • This case only un-installation will not work until you do not delete it entirely from Mac. Follow steps to delete:
  • Open Finder, select an application and move to trash.
  • Hold Shift and D- command in Finder
  • Navigate to library/application support directory
  • Delete all folders having Skype in name
  • Search all the other remaining folders and delete
  • Empty your trash and reinstall the latest version and run.

3. Why is Skype unable to connect to Mac?

  • Firstly, the connection or signing in problem arises mostly because of wringing user id or password. In that case, reset the password and login with the new password.
  • Secondly, it could be an issue from Microsoft’s end means server issue.
  • Thirdly, make sure the internet is connected and getting good speed.

4. Skype camera not working on Mac

Linking a camera with the application is never a simple process. It is a time taking and complicated process that may lead the camera, not working issue. To check camera follow steps:

  • Open application
  • Click on menu
  • Select audio and video settings
  • Scroll down to the video to ensure the camera is connected that you are using for application.

5. Skype video not working on Mac

Let say if the camera is fixed, but the video is not that’s not worth it. We have to ensure webcam must not be switched off from settings. If the switches on still not working then, reinstall the application, reboot Mac, and reconnect the camera. Ensure there must not be any sticker on the laptop camera.

6. Skype on Mac- Sound not working

  • Go to the menu, click on the menu bar
  • Select audio and video settings
  • Set the correct output device and do an audio test of the device
  • Adjust volume as per your requirement.

7. Skype microphone not working on Mac

Fixing this issue may be a bit tricky if you are using an external device. You must opt for a USB powered microphone to avoid the problem. To fix it follow steps:

  • Open menu choose audio and video settings
  • In microphone section select preferred microphone
  • Take a final test and check if working properly or not.
  • In the end, ensure the mute button is not on if on switch it off.

All the remedies mentioned above are sufficient to rectify issues, but still, if your problem is not resolved to connect with the customer support of Skype or tale help of any other professional to get rid of your questions.

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