How to uninstall League of Legends?

How to uninstall League of Legends?

League of Legends is one of the highly played multiplayer games in today’s world. It is having more than 100 million users in a month. Its amazing graphics and immersive play attract users. It changed our experience of player vs. players. But this kind of program needs more specific and complex software, and the more sophisticated software, the more technical issues. Every particular issue has a particular set of fixes and remedies. But the ultimate solution for any technical problem is to reinstall the program. And for that firstly we have to uninstall League of legends. It is not a program that can be easily removed like any other typical application.

Issues while Uninstalling League of Legends?

  • When the program is not listed in features and programs
  • You are unable to run the required file for un-installation.
  • You do not have access to uninstall this gaming program.
  • All the files are not successfully uninstalled. There is some error while doing so.
  • After doing so, if still, the Logfile is a reflection in the hard disk.
  • Any other file available in hard disk is restricting to remove the League of legends.
  • A-League of legend or partially uninstalled file or a corrupted file can cause many problems. Apart from the above mentioned, there may be several other reasons. So it is very crucial to make sure that the program should uninstall adequately and cleaning the disk. In short, all the related files must be removed.

How to Remove League of Legends?

The maximum number of League of legend plays this game on window PC. But a large number of users also play on Mac PC. We’ll discuss the method for UN-installation for both the users.

How to Uninstall League of legends on window 10 pc?


  • By following the below-written statements, we can uninstall the League of legends from window 10 pc:
  • Click on the start menu and open windows icon
  • Click on the control panel
  • Select programs and features
  • Select Garena- League of legend
  • Click on uninstall
  • Confirm your action.

Now move forward towards the original directory of this f=gaming program under window explorer and remove all the related folders and files. To do so, follow the below steps:

  • Type league of legends in the search box of explorer
  • Click on enter tab
  • Delete all the related folders and files coming in the popup.

While removing all files and folders, you may face some issues to get rid of that you can download C Cleaner. C Cleaner can be a useful tool to remove all the data from your window PC.

How to Uninstall League of legends from Mac PC?


It is also straightforward as it was simpler for windows pc. Follow below-written steps to do so:

  • Open applications
  • Find of League of legends
  • Click of it and drag to the trash
  • Empty the Trash
  • Exit window

After making cleaning trash move forward to remove League of legend files and folders from your device. For that follow below steps:

  • Go to the application again
  • Search leagues of a legend in the search box and press enter
  • Drag all the folders and files one by one to the trash
  • Then empty trash
  • You are done now.

Now, if you want to play it again, you can reinstall a new program in your window pc or mac pc.

But apart from these two above written methods, there are several other methods.

  1. Remove League of legends with its uninstaller 
    • Click on the installation folder of LoL.
    • Navigate uninstall.exe or unins000.exe.
    • Double-tap on uninstall and follow the wizard.
  2. By using system restore
    • Close all the programs and files which is already opened
    • Select desktop then right clicks on the computer and choose properties option. Now the system window will appear.
    • On the left side of the System window, system protection is reflecting, click on that. System properties will come.
    • Click on system restore
    • Choose a different restore point.
    • Click on the next option.
    • Select date and time and from there you can click “NEXT.
    • All the programs which is not working after this re installation may not work. In that case, we have to reinstall them as well.
    • Select finish and then click on “Confirm your restore point window will appear.”
    • Click yes to confirm the task.

Uninstall or Remove League of legends with antivirus

A lot of users are using Malware as a typical application in PC, but it is very tough to remove it from the system. They can come into the computer with spyware or Trojans. They are mostly coming with freeware software, games, PDF converts, etc. they can easily get detected in buy antivirus installed in the system. But we can’t remove LoL like other programs. Hence it is  worth checking on it is a malware or something else. For that, we can download any Malware detector tool.

By using uninstall command displaying in the registry

  • Click Windows and R keys together to open the Run command and type REGEDIT in the box and click on “OK” button
  • Double-tap on UninstallString value, and copy its Value Data.
  • Press and hold Windows and R key together, and open RUN command. Then the user can submit the necessary data  valuable data in the box then click OK  button.
  • Follow the wizard to delete permanently.

By using a third-party uninstaller

  • We can remove it by using third party tools as well, but it must be a trusted program. As this may lead to a new problem for your PC or it may remove it, but not wholly or sometimes un-trusted third-party tools may corrupt other program’s files and folders too.

Repair broken League of legends clients

It is not always compulsory to remove the complete game. Instead of that company may fix the errors as well. Some are trying to repair the program. Let’s check the method:

  • Start LoL
  • Select the gear icon given on open most right corner
  • Click on “initiate full repair” provided in the troubleshooting section under the general tab.

Sometimes the already programmed repair is not enough to resolve the issue. There are several other tools created to do so.

  • Download automated troubleshooting tool from Riot games support
  • Run Hex-tech repair tool on Mac PC
  • Choose language and server
  • Press start
  • Now you can also repeat the above steps and then choose to reinstall as sometimes re-patching is not enough to resolve the issue.

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