Verizon Email Settings for AOL and Yahoo

Verizon Email Settings for AOL and Yahoo

In this blog we will be discussing some simple and easy steps to configure Verizon email settings. Below are some of the important steps that the user can follow.

Setup POP and IMAP for AOL Mail Account

When the user want to send and receive AOL email via 3rd party email client in such cases you have to manually configure the server and port numbers with supported AOL mail information. When the user intent  to open Verizon AOL mail with the help of or The AOL app then, you don’t have to make any changes to your settings. You may be prompted to select either POP3 or IMAP. In that case, if you want to change the configuration then, make sure to save or back-up your email to avoid any potential loss during the transition.

Update the Server Settings of IMAP & POP3 or AOL Mail POP and IMAP Settings


All the mail email application has an account settings menu where you can update the IMAP or POP3 settings. You have to make sure that when you are entering into your AOL account info, try to use your full email,, and the SSL encryption enabled for incoming and outgoing mail.



Set out the AOL Verizon Email Account with IMAP and SMTP Settings


If you have not used POP3 with the 3rd party mail client, then you follow this process written below:-

Set out the IMAP and change your SMTP settings to read Gmail messages in other mail clients, like Microsoft Outlook and Apple Mail. When you use IMAP, you can read your Gmail messages on multiple devices and mails are sync in real-time. You can also read Gmail messages using POP.

MAP is a technique used to fetch the emails from an email server. Your messages are saved on the server, each time when you check inbox.  

Email client contacts the server for messages. Unlike POP3, your messages won’t be downloaded to your computer; hence you can sync your account on multiple platforms.

If you reverse from POP3 to IMAP, only new messages will move from the server to your computer devices. Any emails already saved on your computer device by a POP3 client, won’t transfer.

Later migrating your email to AOL Mail, follow the process below to set up your 3rd party client. Be familiar with some sections that will link off to the client’s help page, and they won’t be able to answer questions about AOL Email settings, or your username or password.

No matter what software you use, the IMAP server and port settings will be the same. Just make sure SSL enabled and you use your full email address, including

Server settings Port Settings 
Incoming mail server (IMAP): IMAP-993-SSL
Outgoing mail server (SMTP) SMTP-465-SSL


Verizon (Yahoo!) Email Settings

Outlook – Verizon (Yahoo!) email setup. Here, you will find the Verizon Yahoo mail settings. Apart from this, you will find the IMAP and pop3 server mail settings for Verizon(yahoo), and we are explaining to you the guide for setting up your Verizon(yahoo) email on your device.

The exact methods may vary by model, but all the settings for Verizon Yahoo mail settings can found here :

  • Start with Outlook, click on the File tab and click in the category information Account
  • Settings
  • Tab the Email on New.
  • Switch on Server Settings and click next.
  • Choose Internet Email Addresses, click Next and type the following data among user data:

Your name: Your full name.

Email Address: Your full email address.

  • In the box Type Account below Server Information, select pop3 and fill out the following information:

Incoming E-mail:                                 Incoming port: 995

Outgoing E-mail:                                   Outgoing port: 465

Below the Login Information type in the following settings:

E-mail: Your Verizon (Yahoo!) email-address            Password: Your Verizon (Yahoo!) email password                                                                                                    Login with security: SSL

  • Click on Test Account Settings then, click on next and then, click on finish.

Set up Verizon Email on iPhone Or Email Settings for iPhone

In this passage, you will be able to find the Verizon email settings for iPhone & iPad. Apart from this, you will find the IMAP and pop3 server mail settings for Verizon. And we are explaining to you the guide for setting up your Verizon email on iPhone & iPad devices.

The exact methods may vary by model, but all Email the settings for iPhone can be found here: –

  • Choose settings
  • Drag to the bottom and select Mail, Contacts, and Calendars
  • Click on Add account and select Other
  • Click on Add Mail Account and type in the following information:

Name: Your name

Email: Your Verizon email-address

Password: Your Verizon email password

Description: Enter “Verizon”

Select pop3 under incoming mail server and enter the following


Server Hostname:

Username: Email Address

Password: Your email password

Drag to the bottom and under outgoing mail server, type in the following information:

Server Hostname:

Username: Your full email

Password: Your email password

  • Then, click on save and in choose your email address on the next screen.
  • Drag your mouse to the bottom and under outgoing mail server choose SMTP.
  • Now, the user can use the main server. Then the user can choose and make sure the following information is displayed:


Server port: 465

Now, Please click on done and then, go back to the previous screen & choose Advanced after that make sure the following information is correct:


Server port:

Again, go back to the previous screen & than Reboot your iPhone to finish the setup!

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