Contact Amazon Account Recovery to Reset Hacked Password

Contact Amazon Account Recovery to Reset Hacked Password

Amazon Account Recovery

Amazon is one of the largest web-based shopping website, offering you a wide range of varieties in books, clothing, and electronics, and many more things. It also provides other services like Amazon Music, Prime Video, Alexa, Kindle, and Fire TV. For using these services from amazon, you will first have to make an account. Once you create an account in amazon like any other such account amazon also has some issues. The major issues that the user come across is account hacking or the user somehow forgets the password. In such cases the the only solution is amazon account recovery. Hence, in this blog, all the issues will be fixed using the required steps given in the below process.

How to make an Amazon Account?

Open an Amazon Mobile app. Now tap on Create An Account (grey button at the bottom of the page). Type your name and a valid mobile number or email address and type the desired password of your preference. It will appear to Create Your Amazon Account, Continue, or Verify Email. Now the next page will ask for OTP (One Time Password). Now go and check your mail. Open the mail from Amazon and copy the OTP to verify your account. Go to the app and enter the OTP and then click on verify. 

Ways for Amazon Account Recovery

It is a standard or basic thing for one person to forget the password of an account. The average internet user has some online accounts with which he/she works. Having more than one account means using more than one password. Usually user have . Amazon is most likely one of those accounts you have. Many online customers prefer Amazon because the site is beneficial and straightforward for them to access. Without much of a stretch, you can explore and find through the website and quickly request for the product you need. 

What happens if you try to attempt to sign in to your Amazon account but can’t gain access? Then how do I recover my amazon account? The following guidelines will help you for amazon account recovery if you happen to lose your password:- 

  • Open the official Amazon home page on your web browser.
  • The option sign in to an existing account will appear. Use your registered Email or phone number there.
  • Then click on the forgot password. You will be directly taken to the password recovery page to reset the Amazon password.
  • You need to fill in your registered phone number or email address linked to Amazon for the recovery procedure. Now click on Continue.
  • Then you may receive a verification code on your phone number or email address.
  • Now fill in the verification code in the space to verify that the particular account may belong to you.
  • Once it is confirmed, then you have to enter the new password and then confirm.

Two-Factor Authentication for amazon account recovery


Two-Factor Authentication is an incredible security tool, and we generally recommend it to all for the two-step verification account recovery amazon (And yes, it is called amazon two-step verification recovery instead of two-factor authentication, but it’s the same thing). Here we tell you how to enable it and make your account more secure.

  • For this, you need to sign in to the account, either on the Amazon site or in the Amazon application on your mobile phone. When you’re signed in, go to Your Account > Login and security and then tap on the Edit button by Advanced Security Settings.
  • At the top of the page, click next to the Two-Step Verification title, after that tap on Get Started. 
  • Now you have to choose how you want to receive your two-step verification codes. We suggest you using an authenticator application. You can also prefer SMS, but it is not better than using two-step verification at all.
  • After that install the authentication application, and then open the application and add an account:-
    • Please copy the code visible and add it manually to your authenticator application.
    • Then click Verify code and continue. The process is now complete for the two-Factor Authentication.

If you still have any doubt related to two-step verification and you can the get help from expert. In case you are still facing any issue and want to know more about how to recover your account and get help from amazon user can use the support number available on the official website or find the number. They will guide you with the method or process to recover your Amazon account. You should feel free to ask a question to the amazon customer service for any help.

What To Do If Your Amazon account hacked?


Now hackers have been targeting Amazon seller’s accounts. Some indications of a hacked account are:- 

  • Your account has various items listed which you don’t sell. 
  • Consumers are asking about transactions that you don’t recall conducting, or you get emails or messages from Amazon which don’t appear to connect with your actual deals or sales. 
  • Suddenly you see that your bank information has changed, and the bank transfer has not arrived yet.
  • You are not able to sign in to your account.

If you see any of this point with your account and think that your Amazon account hacked then:-

  1. The first thing you ought to do is quickly sign in to your account and change your password. But you see that it is not accepting your password then go to forgot password and change your password. 
  2. See whether the hacker may have added such users to your account. Those users will still be able to sign in even if you change your password, so you must remove any such users that you haven’t added to your account.
  3. You can also notify amazon about this that you feel that your account has been hacked, and the items you are not selling are showing on your seller’s account.

One-stop solution for Recovery  

If your amazon reset password looking for something and you are still facing any problem, then there are multiple ways to recover with the problem. For all your queries related to Amazon Recovery get help from amazon support. You have to make a call on the toll-free number and get joined with the top-most specialized persons in this field. They will guide you with the method or process to recover your Amazon account. You should feel free to ask a question at amazon customer service.

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