Windows 7 Stuck On Welcome Screen Issue

Windows 7 Stuck On Welcome Screen Issue

We often come across a lot of software that we can access on windows computers. Windows 7 crucial software when it comes to the popularity it has among windows users. Usually, when you start your computer, you come across and process lag, and this leads to a computer hang up on the welcome screen. So in this article, we will be analyzing the issue and the steps we can follow to fix Windows 7 Stuck On Welcome Screen. There is a lot of reason which can be a significant element behind the freezing issue on the computer on windows 7 welcome screen. The most common reason behind the freeze is the third part of the software that is downloaded on your computer over time. In some cases, it may be antivirus software or a recent update that messed up the software of window 7 on your computer.

To fix this problem, the first thing that one can do is to find the problematic software.

Ways To Fix Windows 7 Stuck On Welcome Screen

To proceed with the fix, you need to get in the more secure Mode. It is found that the Safe Mode is the most crucial Mode where you can implement the fix as most of the third-party software will stop working in this Mode. To get into the Safe Mode, we have to restart the computer. Once you do that, start tapping the F8 key on the computer keyboard and keep tapping till you get the black screen with options on it. Scroll down with the arrow key using up and down key simultaneously. Choose the option safe Mode with networking while you highlight with arrow key and hit ENTER on the keyboard. On the log, screens ENTER the password, and one can log into the computer.

Below are some steps to follow to fix the problem on windows 7 software on your computer.

  1. Go to “RUN” windows and type “MSConfig” and click on the ENTER on the RUN window.
  2. On the general tan scroll down to option and choose selective Startup
  3. Uncheck the Load Startup box.
  4. Use Services Tab and choose to Hide All Microsoft Service, and then you can click on option Disable all to Implement the Disable for all other Services.

Then you can restart your computer and as you log in with your user name and password. Once you are back on the computer, you need to go to “RUN” and alternatively to MSConfig. Then turn on close services. Click on each one of the services one by one and find the services that are the cause of the problem. When you can locate the third-party software, one can go back to safe Mode and turn off the software and re-install the software. If you still face a problem when you Re-install, try to use the one which can be an alternative.

After the reinstallation process is complete, one can go back to the Safe Mode and restore the computer to Normal Start-Up. After that, you can choose option Normal Startup and proceed to restart the computer.

Once you can process all these steps, we can try to reinitiate the windows 7 installation DVD and then boot the computer from it. When we can access the Install screen to select the option to repair the device.

Some Additional Tips

One can also try to repair alternatives as Startup repair to fix the problems linked to windows startup. This tool scans your machine and fixes computer for the issue and fixes them correctly

If this also won’t work, you can try to clean the windows install. If it doesn’t work, then the possibility is the hardware issue, and the service canter and diagnostic center can be a resolution.

As you face the issue with windows 7, which can be associate with can be linked to different problems. In some case windows, 7 stuck on the welcome screen when connected to the network after you log in or update the computer.

There are 5 ways that you can use to fix the issue.

  • INTERNET – Remove all the connection
  • START services associate to windows update
  •  Check-up your system constantly
  • Repair associated with the Startup
  • Troubleshoot using the clean boot.

STEP 1: INTERNET – Remove all the connection 

INTERNET, Remove-all-the-connection 

Usually, when we try to connect with the internet windows, 7 gets stuck on the welcome screen. In case the computer stops functioning as it connects with the wireless network. Then you can try to disconnect the internet before you log back into the computer.

STEP 2: START services associate to windows update

In case you still face any issue with the stuck welcome screen. We can try to update the windows services.

You were using the command NETSTOPWUAUSERV once you can stop the update services and then restart the same. After this, you can try to NETSTARTWUAUSERV, and you follow click exit and press enter to close the CMD screen.

3: Check-up your system regularly

STEP 4: Repair associated with the Startup 

STEP 5: Troubleshoot using the clean boot


As the issues are taken care of, you would need to go further and take extra consideration to prevent the problem from happening again. It’s always important to go for an image back up. Backup is a primary rescued tool whenever you face any issue with the system, and you can use it to restore to previous good condition.

There is a lot of backup software that can back up the Standard way. Most of the backup software is free. This software has the option to keep back up to date and keep the option regularly for incremental backup.

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